Advanced Outcomes

We are an advanced management and technology consulting firm that delivers Technology for the client to drive Transformation

US Clients

NASA, Fortune 500 Company, US Healthcare Provider, Hospital Chain with over 10,000 employees.


Exponential Improvement

In Productivity Made Possible, All The Time – 24/7/365

With Technology that targets current Efficiency challenges and Empowers Front-line to deliver Strategy Goals in Real-time


Operational Efficiency and overcome challenges due to current processes and systems, in real-time


Is in the precise improvement “cycle” led execution of services, with real-time accuracy, by overcoming impediments to process optimisation


Track your team’s ability to deliver with minimal resources, creating well-defined financial business case



The simplicity lies in thinking outside the current state, to raise the benchmark and help deliver high value outcomes every day.

The growth and service outcomes are not defined by the current state of the organisation’s systems, people, management and technology challenges.

The fundamentals behind the success of an ASX 10 and SME are the same, but it is the complexity of the large enterprises that are seemingly difficult, as they often function like disparate people and process, where we need to look far beyond traditional systems thinking.

The Nextransform Difference

Real-time Enterprise Wide Visibility

To offer Management visibility on driving enterprise wide improvement

Real-time Data Utilisation

Keeping " customer and front-line staff in mind to deliver service "

Real-time Operational Excellence

A secure layer of Operational Truth to make confident decisions

Culture embraces Strategy

In our world “culture does not eat strategy for breakfast”, as transformations are orchestrated bottom-up.

This orchestration, often requires a unique mindset and most importantly a team that is willing to listen, learn and collaborate on all fronts without presumptions on a “solution framework” and that is the reason why you may want to consider us.

Management Technology for Strategy Execution - Fortune 10


In 2004, we created a simple innovation technology framework to achieve management unison within and across enterprises with 2000 to over 100,000 staff.

The key drivers were the ability for the clients to negate risk and embed governance, in par with a Fortune 10.

The secondary drivers were the ability for the clients to compete without the Fortune 10 infrastructure.


Simple Operational Interface that Automates Business Process Re-engineering

Technology enabled Management of Process

Client drives Results

Technology that compliments your work-flow and drives exponential reduction in time and cost to deliver.

Vastly increase knowledge of customer context with 360 view.



24/7/365 High Value Workflow Optimisation

Better resource Utilisation & Refocus effort into high value activities

  • Single Sign-On - No login to Separate systems to get Data (Single Dashboard)
  • Restore Control - Copy of Data resides Outside of Software Vendor’s Systems
  • TRUE Real-time Value - Live data and instant reporting removes need for manual processes.
  • Software - Disparate Applications and Services working seamlessly together, producing live Decisions

Software led Business Process Re-engineering

  • On-Premise Software - All the benefits of Web-based Software, yet Install & Maintain on own Servers.
  • Robust Security - Multiple Layers of Security plus Auditing to protect your Critical Customer Data
  • 100% HTML5 Interface - No Plug-ins Required- Seamless on Desktop, Mobile & Tablet
  • Seamless Integration - Embedded Analytics - Secure Single-On & Automated User Provisioning
  • Dynamic Dashboards - Users get True Real-time Visualization
  • Self Service Analytics - Users Control Filtering, Grouping & Exporting Data
  • Codeless Report Building - Build Powerful Queries & Visualizations without any SQL code
  • Rapid Development - Create, Deploy Reports and Dashboards in minutes, not days
  • Audit and Governance - Track exactly what actions users are taking with their data