Real-­time Management & Single Version of Truth


As customers, we live in a “Real-­time Experience Economy”, and as providers of service, we need seamless access to “Real-­time Information from multiple systems at the right time and at the right place”, whether we are a bank, hospital or government department. To stay ahead of the growth curve, in 2004, we developed the concept of Real-­time Insourcing 24/7/365 – Management & Technology IP (Axon Engineering, Australia) to compete with Fortune 10.

Real-­time Management is the fastest pace in which any organisation can function, across any vertical.

Imagine an environment, where all the most relevant data is made available at the click of a button in near REAL-TIME, offering a 360 view of the patient/customer/client scenario and your individual front-line staff and teams are executing with the highest level of confidence and precision across the 24/7/365 window; that is just the tip of the Iceberg. Imagine how the fundamental way in which your entire organization operates, changes with near real-time information to make decisions with no dependency on the IT department for coding/development.

“ I have looked at over 23 different systems, but there is nothing that is nearly as fast as ELROI and I can see that no coding or training is required, it is truly plugged & play technology ” 

2IC to CEO & Director, Business Analytics & Performance, one of the largest govt. hospital in Australia, 2017


Our enterprise software ELROI, serves as a Conduit to deliver near Real-time “Data, Dashboards and Intelligence” as a Single Version of Truth, to help you make Real-time Decisions which lead to precise results at the right place and right time - without writing a single code and without any traditional training and dependency on IT.

It is worth noting that Single Version of Truth, refers to accessing most relevant data from multiple yet often complex systems. Single Version of Truth is what we need today, to make decisions and the traditional “lag in our businesses today at every step of every process” is dictated by the absence of technologies like ELROI.

We are no more talking about static, code driven, highly IT focused business data, dashboards or intelligence which offers historical data and reports, after consuming a lot of time, efforts and skills from often small backend teams and/or individuals, resulting in redundant prognosis. But we are making Real-time Business Decisions, based on Real-­time Intelligence and that is a very powerful tool to achieve results at every step within the innate business processes and simultaneously, complimenting continuous improvement and growth in any vertical.


Conduit to deliver Real-­time Decisions from “Single Version of Truth” – 24/7/365

There are very few sophisticated technologies, that are designed and developed, keeping in mind real-time business outcomes as the key driver for success – 24/7/365; especially when we think of large enterprises, we are often confronted with the complexities that arise from staff resourcing, disparate locations, diverse technologies to support their day to day functions, complex multi-layered business processes, supporting technologies at the back-end with optimal IT Infrastructure and finally creating the right ecosystem for accessing the right technologies at the right resource level.

We have taken a ground-­up approach, whilst building the technology to incorporate AGILITY, EASE of USE, SECURITY, yet lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), in the category of BEST of BREED Technology for Enterprises -­ to accommodate mobility for over 50,000 to 100,000 staff.

Ease of Use, translates to pure “plug and play” thinking, creating a simple approach to delivering results.

Firstly, we understand that access to true Real-­time Data is directly linked to efficiency, but what organizations need is “Single Version of Truth in Real-­time”, from multiple data sources to make Real-time Decisions.

Secondly, we have designed the technology to be scalable to meet the needs of 10,000 – 100,000 employees with unprecedented ease of use, to make faster operational decisions – 24/7/365.

Financial Business Case – Stay Ahead of the Growth Curve

By implementing ELROI, organizations can gain from resource savings across the diverse business processes, by streamlining the “time to deliver”. The most important gain is the clear visibility on synergies between finance – operations – resources and this can lead to short, mid and long term financial gains.

The biggest “measurable” change is achieved at the frontline, whilst engaging with clients – using 360 view of the core problem statement at the ‘click of a button’ and delivering high quality outcomes across the 24/7/365 window.

It is important to understand that the “big picture” alignment between C-­suite -­ Management -­ Operations can also help enterprises link front, middle and back office, with least Level of Effort(LOE), i.e., avoid traditional reporting, by going through multiple silos of information.

Single Version of Truth is often not achieved across Enterprises as both “silos of data” and “hidden data in complex enterprise systems are often overlooked and/or not easily accessible” – not to be confused with big data or analytics, but pure access to relevant information is made possible with ELROI

The clear strategic benefit often lies in achieving “Visibility across Operations, Resources & Finance”, to stay ahead of the future goals, which can be extrapolated to redefine the Exceptional Return On Investment (ELROI).

Insourced Solution – 3 Options


A common misconception among large companies is that embedded BI solutions are expensive, which is why companies will attempt to build their own tools. It’s true that the big BI brands are costly, but when you look at the more affordable and agile tools like ELROI (developed 18 years ago by management consultants), the time someone internally would spend on building just one dashboard or report typically will pay for ELROI.

This is because if you look at the Total Cost to Ownership, including implement, manage, support and other aspects such as future roadmap, including the level of customization that is possible and the assistance you get from our Customer Success team versus the time and resources it will take for a developer to build the BI solution in-­house, we are extremely confident that it is the most affordable, yet Best in Class Enterprise Solution – covering your short, mid and long term needs.

Over the last 18 years, nearly 70% of our customers opted for Insourced Solution – highly customized, white-labelled and implemented in complex, multi-­location environments with over 60,000 staff.

There are unique scenarios, where (ASX 5) global organizations with over 100,000 staff, considered ELROI to access highly secure information from ERP’s to make mobility a reality across disparate locations.

Embed and White Label ELROI into Your Software Application

We hear from a lot of businesses that want to utilize BI software for a specific reason. Many of them are Software Vendors or OEMs that want to integrate, white label, and embed ELROI’s dashboards, analytics, and reports under their brand. Or they want to make it easier for their team to build and deploy reports and dashboards to their customers, so they don’t have to burden their developers with additional tasks. Others need a complete package that requires heavy API programming for advanced features and customization.


In the end, we often see a hybrid combination of use cases, each vying for different pieces of BI software to work into their business process. We’ve built ELROI to be easy and powerful, so we’re happy when we can offer an affordable solution, no matter what our partner’s requirements are. We typically recommend 3 different ways to integrate and embed ELROI into your application. Each integration route can be approached as a separate phase, too. Depending on your time and resources, you may want to start with Phase 1 below. Over time you can build into Phase 2, and if you seek even deeper, seamless integration, Phase 3 has everything you need.

1: Branded Portal Approach

One of our partners had a great term for this, the loose coupling approach. This is the fastest way to integrate ELROI into your application. We designed and built a modern, user-­friendly interface that can be easily leveraged and customized. At this stage, you’re adding light branding and API integration, such as single sign-­on. Simply build your reports, set up user profiles and deploy. It’s a fast way to get a solution into your customer’s hands without needing a lot of developer experience.

And because ELROI is deployed on your servers and not hosted by us, you can make the experience for users a natural one as they transition from your software to ours.

2: Embedded Integration

This is where most of our partners start. In this phase, you’re embedding ELROI’s dashboards and reports directly into the web pages of your application, which can then be viewed by your customers. They’ll see ELROI’s reports, but not ELROI itself since you can customize everything to blend into your application. Unlike Phase 1, this requires a bit more developer experience, but with a little CSS know-­how, you can add the stylesheets of your business or brand across ELROI.

Out of the box, we give you an extremely easy way to embed ELROI dashboards and reports into your application. And because all our front-­end code is editable and free for your developers to review, you can see how we leverage our APIs to make the embeddable objects even more integrated than just an iframe.

We also support Custom JavaScript in ELROI, so you might limit or add features in this phase. And this is where automation, such as automatic provisioning of new users in ELROI get a focus, which requires API programming but your developers have unlimited access to our Customer Success team to help them.

3: Seamless Integration

At this phase, you likely have an interface of your own with well-­defined controls, enhanced data presentation, and customized options for screen, layout and interface design. Now you’re using ELROI as your data engine.

Using our API, we give you access to secure datasets based on who’s logged in as a user, making it much easier for your team to take advantage of the benefits of building new datasets and applying security. On the front-­end, you can take a dataset and apply it to any control, style or output. You do what you want with it. Advanced features like the scheduler and email alerts can be baked into your interface via our API as well.

Bottom Line


We designed ELROI with the idea that it would work with partners wherever they may be in their business journey. We provide an easy way, like Phase 1, to get started when resources are limited. But the backend of ELROI is a powerhouse in terms of API and security features, something that appeals to those customers looking for a more seamless integration. Our Customer Success team is available any time, always-­ready, always-­accountable, always-­helpful specialists that help you maximize the use of ELROI in your application and to support you through your integration and development efforts. More than a software provider, we become a virtual extension of your team.

Align Strategy to Outcomes

Management and Technology frameworks can work in unison, provided we achieve highest level of clarity at the outset on the linear path between strategy-operations-outcome.


Technology was built ground-up to offer over 100,000 staff, highly secure information from Enterprise ERP, yet user-friendly without dependency on IT. NASA, Fortune 500 Company, US Healthcare Provider, Hospital Chain with over 60,000 employees.


Continuous Transformation

We enable short, mid and long term transformation on a continuous path – 24/7/365

We explore and deliver on the big picture, to help the client inculcate end - to - end management frameworks that deliver results, ahead of six sigma and continuous improvement principles – all the time.

Challenges – Strategy, Operation & Services

C-suite are driven by the strategic growth journey, whereas middle management is always looking for operational efficiency and front-line staff are pressured with time and resource limitations to deliver high quality customer service – 24/7/365


Work-flow Optimisation with visibility on unknown & hidden data

Business Case

Technology enabled Transformation translates into multi-million-dollar reduction in Operating cost

Management Leadership

The high value outcomes translate into Strategic Insight, Operating Efficiency & Improved Customer Service.

Improving Employee & Customer Experience by eliminating data errors and inconsistencies in the business’ systems.


Typically an enterprise can shrink their operating cost, and we work closely to identify multi-million dollar savings at the outset.